Board of Directors & Committees

The NHCC Board of Directors is committed to maintaining and improving our beautiful golf course and clubhouse. Our Mission is to provide members and friends the finest possible golf, dining, and social experience.

NHCC Board of Directors
Greg Nelson, President
Andy McQuide, Vice President
Al Waal, Treasurer
Mike Stewart, Secretary
Tom Dornoff
Rick Fuller
Ryan Isherwood 
Patty Tobin
Vince Suter

Golf: Chairman - Ryan Isherwood
The Golf Committee shall prescribes all general and local golf rules and regulations and is responsible for Club sponsored golf events and on-course activities.

Grounds and Greens: Co-Chairs - Tom Dornoff, Vince Suter
The Grounds and Greens Committee oversees the maintenance of the golf course and clubhouse grounds.

Finance: Chairman - Al Waal
The Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer of the Board and is responsible for, among other matters, reviewing financial reports and records, coordinating requests for expenditures, and reporting on the financial condition of the Club.

House: Co-Chairs - Patty Tobin, Rick Fuller 
The House Committee oversees all aspects of the operation and maintenance of the Clubhouse.

​Long Range Planning: Chairman - Andy McQuide
The Long Range Planning Committee is responsible for anticipating and considering future needs of the Club and making recommendations to the Board regarding how to meet those needs.

Membership: Chairman - Andy McQuide
The Membership Committee is responsible for all prospective member marketing, recruitment, and sales activities.

Bylaws: Chairman - Ryan Isherwood
The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing and proposing amendments to the Club's bylaws.