Our Heritage

Why We Are Here
In June 1929 a collection of like-minded people who loved the game of golf met and voted to form our Club, then called, the Menomonee Golf Club.

A month later they signed a lease for $1 per year and what would become North Hills was born. That very fall they had our first membership drive, which brought forth 350 members. In November construction began and was completed by Pioneer and Landscape company out of Chicago.

The first day for member play came on July 30, 1930. Much of the original design of the course still remains today. In 1933 the Menomonee Golf Club joined the Wisconsin Golf Association. The Club and land mortgage were transferred from the Menomonee Land Company to North Hills Country Club in July 1938.

During the 1940’s as World War II drained the country of resources and seperated families and friends, North Hills became a place where great friendships were made in such a difficult time. The Club saw cutbacks and began rationing everything from gasoline to golf balls.

It was also during this time that women’s participation at our Club began to increase with more play on the course and strengthening our social groups. The first board meeting of 1945 even extended an invitation to the Women's State Golf Association to hold their 1945 tournament at North Hills.
A hot summer’s day saw the best score at North Hills; and in the state of Wisconsin. On July 6, 1958, Tom Veech shot a record score of 59 that remains today.

Veech started playing at the Club when he was just 13 years old after gaining permission from then Club president Dr. E.L. Bernhart. Tom said about North Hills, "It is one of the best everyday golf courses I've ever played. It is challenging at every level and changes every day."

With the passing of Vince Lombardi we began our partnership with the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation, giving birth to the biggest event at North Hills Country Club. On June 25, 1971 the inaugural Lombardi Golf Classic was held to honor the memory of the greatest coach of the Green Bay Packers and help fund cancer research.

Over its decades of proud tradition, many current and alumni Packers and national celebrities have joined North Hills and our members in the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation Golf Classic for golf, fun and to forever pay tribute to Coach Lombardi as we work together in support of cancer research.

Our most recent redesign of the course was completed in September 1998. Golf course architect, Ken Killian redesigned the course and gave it a fresh look for the millennium. After years of planting and growth of trees on the course, a remodel was necessary to maintain the safety and esthetics for golfing. Strategy of design also played a key role to keep the game interesting and challenging for all levels of golfers.
One of our greatest traditions at North Hills has always been our commitment to our junior golf program. For more than 60 years, our junior golfers and their lessons have continued to provide our Club with new generations of golfers because we believe in the greatness of the game and supporting our passion locally and nationally.

Our membership, and those who will become part of our community for years to come remember why we are here and enjoy being part of our rich heritage.