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Review our guest dress code and golf etiquette policies.

Dress Code

The dress code was established to ensure that members and guests always wear proper attire when attending the Club. Members are responsible for the attire of their guests and parents are responsible for the attire of their children. It is not the intent of this code to embarrass or harass members and their guests.

Clubhouse Dress Code

Country Club Casual Dress Code – Resort-style attire

  • Collared sport shirts, dress shirts, blouses, casual dresses, sweaters, jackets, dress slacks, walking/golf shorts, blue jeans/denim attire in good repair. Please refrain from wearing hats in the Clubhouse.

Country Club Upscale Dress Code – Semi-formal attire

  • Jackets are suggested for men for holiday meals, but not required. Dress shirts, blouses, dresses, sweaters, jackets, dress slacks; no denim.

Course and Practice Area Attire

The following is considered proper attire for the golf course & practice areas:

  • Men-shirts with collars or mock neck shirts with sleeves (shirts should be tucked in when applicable), slacks, appropriate length golf shorts. Baseball-style hats must be worn with the brim facing forward.
  • Women-shirts with collars, dress collarless shirts, slacks, appropriate length golf shorts, skorts, skirts and/or capris.
  • Yoga pants/tights/leggings-are acceptable when used as a layering piece under proper golf attire.
  • Juniors-same as above with some discretion regarding children under 12.

North Hills recognizes that fashion and trends may change from year to year but reminds members to use good judgment in this area.

The following articles of clothing would not be considered proper golf attire: blue jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, halter-tops, sports jerseys, short shorts, athletic shorts, or cutoff shorts.

Please notify your guest of the above golf course attire guidelines before you entertain them. This will help prevent embarrassing situations.

Golf Course Etiquette

We ask that all North Hills members and their guests conduct themselves in a manner that will allow everyone to enjoy the course and practice range. Here are a few points of interest that the golf staff encourages everyone to be aware of:

  • Pace of Play at NHCC is three hours & fifty-five minutes, or within ten minutes of the group in front of you. Please be aware of the groups in front of and behind you on the course and keep pace accordingly.
  • Be courteous of the other golfers in your group, as well as all golfers utilizing the course/range. This includes playing music - please be respectful of others around you.
  • When parking carts, please make sure all four wheels are on the path to reduce turf damage along the edges.
  • Follow all cart restrictions as indicated by our Superintendent as these restrictions have been set for the health of the course. Restrictions include any special postings in the cart’s sign holder, postings at the 1st & 10th tees, cart directional markers around the greens directing you to cart paths, and all flagged/roped off areas.
  • Remember to follow the two “R’s” of course etiquette. Repair ball marks correctly and in a timely fashion. If you are unsure of how to properly repair a ball mark, feel free to ask someone from the golf staff or the course superintendent. Repair divots whenever possible.

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