Junior Golf

Our fun and inspiring Junior Golf program makes our younger Members better athletes, and in turn, better golfers.    

NHCC’s Junior Golf Program provides quality golf instruction to juniors between the ages of 5 to 18 and of all skill levels. Our students learn to golf on a real course while also competing in fun games and events.


“The instruction from Eddie and the various NHCC staff during Junior Golf has been incredible and certainly influenced my love for the game.” -Jack Anderson


Program Features:

-Our Junior Golf Program begins in summer and extends through the rest of the year, giving participants more time to grow and practice their skills

-The program offers hour-long clinics focused on specific skills including chipping, putting and course decisions.

-Workouts are built into our golf warm ups as the program focuses on fitness as a whole, making participants more athletic.

-We use pre- and post-testing to provide measurements of success in order to motivate kids and help them see tangible improvements.

-The program empowers younger Members to feel more involved at the Club and as part of the NHCC family.

-Most importantly, we aim to provide fun and inspiration for our youth while creating better athletes and better golfers. _______________________________________________________

“Growing up in Junior Golf has been an experience I won’t forget for my whole life. It was a great way for me to get active and have fun outdoors in the summers. I met some of my lifelong friends through the NHCC Junior Golf Program and I will forever be grateful.” -Sam Johnson


The NHCC Junior Golf Program follows Titleist Performance Institute Standards (TPI)

TPI is the world’s largest educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. The research-based TPI model focuses on:

-the belief that golfers will benefit most from a healthy and efficient body

-the fact that there are an infinite number of swings, but there is one efficient way for every player to swing based on what they can physically do

-creating stronger multi-sport athletes

-teaching ability and strength

-injury prevention

Click here to visit the TIP website to learn more.

To view training tips, work outs, and trainer introductions, click here:


Our youth course has two different tee levels to shorten the distance to the hole. Below you can see the total distance at 9 and 18 holes for the level one and two junior course. This helps to scale down the course, reduce stress, and enhance enjoyment of the game.

 9 Holes18 holes
Level 11527 yards3054 yards
Level 22068 yards4136 yards

Young golfers are also still eligible for the USGA established handicap. To the right you can see hole one offers a distance of 145 yards for level one and 195 yard for level two tees. Compare the level one tee to the blue tee at 345 yards and distance to the hole is cut in half.
"The Junior program at North Hills is great because it not only teaches kids how to golf, but also proper etiquette and forms new friendships along the way. Any junior with interest in golf should pursue the Junior Program as they are sure to learn a lot and have fun." - Zack Mindel


Our Junior Golf Program allows you to give your kids the opportunity to develop their golf skills at a young age, become better athletes, and make amazing friendships at the Club!

Please contact the Golf Shop at proshop@nhccwi.com or (262) 251-8190 for more information.